Tom & Emily – Indiana Teahouse, Cottesloe, Perth

‘What he going to do, hes just a security guard’, Tom said to his new wife. Bugger it, let just do it. Even if he calls the cops, we’ll be long gone! Emily’s sister agreed, despite being ex-law enforcement. Tom helped his new bride through the hole in the wire fence as the security guard screamed his head off. I quickly followed. 10 year old deserted building plus epic graffiti equaled an incredible photography opportunity not to be missed!

It was a smash and grab operation; we had to be in and out of there real quick just in case he had called the cops! But my god it was worth it.

It was a picture perfect Perth day for this big occasion. Tom’s a Melbourne boy through and through and hence many of the guests had traveled from the East Coast, including myself. I’ve known these two for years and are some of our closest friends. When Tom asked if I’d capture their special day I was honoured! But it came with a caveat; I must put the camera down early evening and get the party started! I was ok with that, although there were a few beer-goggle moments I couldn’t resist later in the evening!

Oh yeah, how many times have you seen the father of the bride give a guest knuckles while walking his daughter down the aisle? Pure brilliance!