yourexperience3So you want beautifully natural, candid and unposed memories of your special day?

Those genuine, relaxed images that everyone loves so much. The ones that create WOW’s now and in 25 years’ time.

Well, you are not alone. It’s the one thing photographers hear from all brides, and I honestly mean ALL brides.

‘I don’t want posed images’.

There’s only one way to ensure the best possible memories of your special day. And no, it’s not the photographer’s equipment, experience or photographic talent.

Sorry, I lied…….these do play a part, but they’re a given. The photographer has to have the equipment, the experience and the talent. And you must be in love with their images.

But, and it’s a BIG but, these are nowhere near as important as everyone thinks they are. And they certainly don’t guarantee you beautifully relaxed images that scream ‘YOU’!


Yes, that’s right.

Your photographer’s personality is the MOST important attribute when it comes to capturing the best possible memories of your wedding.

Capturing unposed, meaningful and authentic memories are as much about personality, relatability and people skills than anything else.

There must be a genuine connection between you and your photographer. Someone you can relate to; someone who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed; someone you could easily be friends with.

Think of your photographer as a guest who will be interacting with all your family and friends. You’ll be spending longer with your photographer than you will with your fiancée, let alone anybody else, on your special day.

Can you imagine spending the whole day with someone you don’t like? Someone you don’t get along with? Someone who just isn’t YOU?

If you don’t feel comfortable, what chance does he/her have of creating genuine, meaningful and relaxed memories that you’ll love now and in 25 years’ time?


It doesn’t matter how good or experienced the photographers is if you’re stressed! Photos don’t lie. Your feelings show through. In a BIG way.

Let alone the memories it will bring back!

Imagine looking back at the happiest day in your life, only to be reminded about how much you disliked your photographer?

So please make sure you do your wedding day justice by chatting and meeting your photographer;

a photographer is not something you can choose from a price list.

I wish you all the best for your special day.

Candid wedding and portrait photographer.
Capturing weddings and love in Melbourne, Australia and the world since 2007