Patrick and Ashlee | Quat Quatta

Patrick and Ashlee have known each other most of their lives, but they were always just barely on the outskirts of their respective social circles. In high school they reconnected through social media, but both went on their way to travel the world and live their lives. After 10 years of not seeing each other, they decided to meet up when Patrick moved back to town. It was evident from that first date that there was a sense of familiarity, of home. They clung to that feeling through all the ups and downs and a year later, Patrick lead Ashlee into his home blindfolded for her to find “Will you marry me, Ashlee?” written in rose petals on the floor. She said yes.

Love is the strongest force in the world. The love within a family is stronger than any other kind of love, and that was the overwhelming atmosphere of Ashlee and Patrick’s wedding day. The bride and groom’s families are among the most inviting and warm people I have ever met. Everything about this day was inviting. Ashlee’s parents home had quotes about family and love, which showcases how deep the family connection runs.

Ashlee is a daddy’s girl, and Rex would do anything to see his little girl happy. All through out the day I had the privilege of watching these two interact and love and cry together. Rex walked his daughter down the isle, welcomed Patrick into his family and danced the night away in a sweet father daughter dance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Elwood Foreshore was the perfect location for their wedding portraits. The skies threatened to break open at anytime, but we managed to capture some incredible moments between Pat and Ash shrouded by moody storm clouds.  It was fantastic. We headed back to the party where the Greek dancing had the venue, Quat Quatta alive with energy.

Check out these amazing vendors that brought this wedding day to life!

Venue – Quat Quatta –

Dress: Demetrios Bride –

Flowers: Bouquet Melbourne –

Makeup: Brooke Sutherland – Instagram    @brookesutherlandmakeup

Hair: Thomaikyris Hair  – Instagram @thomaikyris

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