Jaz and Ben’s engagement session – Koonya back beach, Sorrento

Whoever scores the least goals on the netball court has to shout the other a cocktail. It was a deal. Jaz bought her younger brother to play with strict instructions; don’t pass the ball to Ben.

Of course, Jaz stitched Ben up and won the cocktail. Little did she realise Ben had won as well; he’d got the date he wanted.

3.5 years later, on a random Tuesday night a little something was burning a nervous hole in Ben’s pocket. Jaz was working the late shift at hospital and Ben had been round to her parents to ask for their blessing.

As soon as Jaz pulled into the driveway, Ben came running out of the house saying they had to go to the top of Arthurs Seat lookout to see the super moon.

As they say, the rest is history.

Jaz and Ben wanted some images along the back beaches of Mornington Peninsula. We chose Koonya back beach, an area of the world very fond to them. Jaz is a mad surfer and taught Ben a few back, so a lot of their time is spent surfing along these beaches.

They were an absolute pleasure to work with and relaxed amazingly well, allowing me to capture some very special engagement memories for them.

I hope you enjoy.Jaz & Ben engagement Spray Point-30Jaz & Ben engagement Spray Point-19Jaz & Ben engagement Spray Point-10Jaz & Ben engagement Spray Point-5Jaz & Ben engagement Spray Point-2