Brigitte & Chris’s engagement session – Bridgewater Bay, Cape Schank

Her friends were quick to ask. “Have you heard….?”

He’d been quietly hoping for years…..four long years in fact. Just like he’d promised, he was around there in a flash, sweeping her off her feet just like he’d done in high school all those years ago.

Everything happens for a reason; this story is proof.


When Chris decided he needed time to see the world, they painfully went their separate ways after 3 years of being high school sweet hearts. He promised that the first thing he would do was bang on her door when he returned. Unfortunately, Brigitte had moved on. Four long years passed until out of the blue Brigitte’s friends, whom all wanted her to end up with Chris, asked Chris a question he’s unlikely to forget. Have you heard? Things hadn’t worked out between Brigitte and her ex. He quickly got in touch, and as they say the rest is history.

3.5 years later on a dream trip through Europe, there were squeals, screams and lots of jumping up and down as Chris got down on one knee in front of a stunning Santorini sunset.


For their engagement photos, Chris and Brigitte had this special place in mind called Bushrangers Bay, a stunning spot on the Mornington Peninsula near Cape Schank. OMG! The 40 minute walk in was incredible, only to be surpassed by the ocean beach we found ourselves on…….all alone! And with gorgeous late afternoon golden light. A photographers dream!

What more could we ask for. These guys were super fun and amazing to photograph! Seriously made my job easy. I had an absolute blast capturing the love and energy these two have for each other. Thank you for being such an awesome couple to work with.

Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-4Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-12Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-19Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-28Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-35Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-40Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-43Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-53Brigitte and Chris engagement bushrangers bay-56