Sarah & Matt engagement – Green Point, Brighton

Can we bring our dog Obie? It wouldn’t feel complete without Obie in some of the photos. Of course you can. This is about you guys, getting to know you both before your big day in a few weeks time.

Sarah had called me an hour before our session to ask if she could bring Obie, their German short ahired pointer fur baby. Whilst I had never photographed an engagement session with a dog, there is a first for everything, hey!

We were blessed with some stunning light on a balmy summer’s evening in Melbourne. Matt & Sarah grew up around Bayside and are getting married just down the road at Sandringham Yacht Club, so Green Point and the Brighton Beach Boxes is a special spot for them. It was a no brainer.

It was an absolute pleasure to properly meet and get to know Sarah & Matt before their big day in January, 2016. It’s going to be an incredible day at the stunning Sandringham Yacht Club.

People always wonder if engagement / pre-wedding session is important.

On your big day, I’m probably going to spend as much time with you (if not more) as you will get to spend with your husband. If we don’t get along, know each other well or even know how I work the whole process will be harder than it needs to be.

Not to mention the quality of the photos. At the end of the day, the more relaxed, comfortable and natural you feel on your special day, the better your images will be. It’s that simple.

They’ll be more candid; more natural; more relaxed; more you and include more of the small things you love! Not to mention that special moment you spent with grandpa, the relationship you told me about during the time we spent getting to know each other beforehand.

I’ve never had a couple regret an engagement shoot, even the ones who hate being in front of the camera. They always say we felt so much more comfortable on their wedding day.

Simon & Jacqui – St Kilda

How cute is this…….these guys wore the same outfits as when they met some 4 years ago in a Byron Bay backpackers. Simon completely ignored his mums advice not fall in love with an Australian girl! Of course he did, which means he now calls Australia home instead of ol’ London town.

We were blessed with a stunning Melbourne Sunday evening for this portrait session that delivered beautiful golden light, even if it was a little breezy. These two were an absolute ball to work with and relaxed effortlessly in front of the lens, as you can see in the images.

Courtney & Mark – Sandbar Beach Cafe, Melbourne

Courtney and Mark were married in a beautiful ceremony and cocktail party at Melbourne’s Sandbar Beach Cafe, St Kilda. Courtney had a been a friend from way back……..schoolies day’s in fact! When Court asked me to photograph their wedding I knew it would be a good one; these guys are such fun. Just take a look at the dance floor photos!

We we’re lucky enough to have Court and all the girls get ready in her sisters house, a stunning double-story Victorian terrace right on the beach…….a photographers dream!

The whole day was an absolute blast.

Tom & Emily – Indiana Teahouse, Cottesloe, Perth

‘What he going to do, hes just a security guard’, Tom said to his new wife. Bugger it, let just do it. Even if he calls the cops, we’ll be long gone! Emily’s sister agreed, despite being ex-law enforcement. Tom helped his new bride through the hole in the wire fence as the security guard screamed his head off. I quickly followed. 10 year old deserted building plus epic graffiti equaled an incredible photography opportunity not to be missed!

It was a smash and grab operation; we had to be in and out of there real quick just in case he had called the cops! But my god it was worth it.

It was a picture perfect Perth day for this big occasion. Tom’s a Melbourne boy through and through and hence many of the guests had traveled from the East Coast, including myself. I’ve known these two for years and are some of our closest friends. When Tom asked if I’d capture their special day I was honoured! But it came with a caveat; I must put the camera down early evening and get the party started! I was ok with that, although there were a few beer-goggle moments I couldn’t resist later in the evening!

Oh yeah, how many times have you seen the father of the bride give a guest knuckles while walking his daughter down the aisle? Pure brilliance!

Pete & Kimberley – Stones of the Yarra Valley

There were meetings and phone calls galore. Wet weather plans were in full swing. Melbourne’s weather is known for four seasons in one day but the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast for one of the wettest day’s in Melbourne history had us all slightly concerned. Really? In the middle of summer!

It threatened to rain cats and dogs all day but someone upstairs was looking after us. We didn’t even get a single drop. Zilch!

Pete & Kimberley’s big day at Stones of the Yarra Valley was simply perfect. An incredible venue overlooking the Yarra Valley, a great bunch of family and friends and no rain! What more could you ask for.