AboutBenpic2Hey I’m Ben,

I’m the guy in the back corner hiding a tear or two behind my camera at that moment… you know the one, every wedding has it.  It’s either the heart felt vows, the welcome to the family speech your Dad gave or the way your new hubby looks at you when you stand up and thank all your guests for being there with you, to celebrate the very best part of your lives.  Your love.

I’ve got a story like this of my own, I know to capture that look because it’s the way I look at my wife.  When I look at her I am overwhelmed with love, and pride and well just all the feelings.  I am after all a feelings kinda guy.

Some people wonder why it is that I work a Monday – Friday that makes good money (and that I like) and yet I’m out most weekends spending my day with a Bride and Groom and their amazing families, when I don’t need to?

They’re right, I don’t need to, I want to.  There’s honestly nothing else I’d rather be doing.  I will be there on your wedding day not because I need the money, not because I want the fame, but because I bloody love it.  It lights me up in a way nothing else does.  Your day, your story, your love.

So yep, I’m the guy taking it all in, capturing all the little threads that make up the tapestry of your love.  I believe that your wedding is more than just an event.  It’s more than just “the big day”.  I believe it’s just a part of your story (granted a big part), but it’s only a piece of the puzzle.  Your love is what is truly being celebrated.  All the things that have gotten you to this point and all the big moments that will come after.  I’m so damn thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of it.




AboutBen_familyThat’s My Why? Now You Want The Dirt…

Like I said, I’m sort of a feelings kinda guy.  I love Saturday brunch.  Me, coffee, the paper, red chilli scrambled eggs and multigrain toast.  All is right in the world during Saturday brunch.

I’m a sucker for both tortellini carbonara and Lionel Ritchie’s All Night Long.  I just can’t help myself from shaking it off when that song comes on.

I love my wife Anna more than all the tortellini carbonara in the world.  I still remember the feeling of buying her engagement ring. I had all these plans, for weeks away, down by the river where she grew up, down on one knee, but once I had that ring in my hand I couldn’t wait.  So instead I put together a last minute candle lit dinner and asked her then and there.  If you saw her, you’d understand.  Not only is she beautiful and funny and smart she’s also strong and inspiring and did I say beautiful?  I love that I get to love her.

I not so secretly love the stock market and aviation and other square type things.  I’m totally okay with that.

I would choose beer over wine, a late night out with friends over a quiet night home on the couch.  There’s nothing as much fun as a dress up party with your mates.  I will always choose laughter and love. Travel and adventure.

Travel is where I found my all consuming love of photography. To date I’ve loved spending time in South East Asia, specifically Cambodia and Burma, South America, especially Argentina and Patagonia and safari in Tanzania, Africa! I’ve hit up 39 countries in all. Ahhhh, the travel bug is real, alive and well.  Want free honeymoon travel advice? I’m your guy!

That’s me in a nutshell.  Who Are You?

Candid wedding and portrait photographer.
Capturing weddings and love in Melbourne, Australia and the world since 2007