If you’ve been snooping ’round here properly, you know who I am, but who are you?

You’re a person getting hitched to the love of your life.

You love laughing and dancing and sometimes your smile so hard your cheeks hurt.

You believe in soul mates and pancakes for breakfast every once in a while, because you just love to live a little!

Your career is important to you and you work harder than most, but more than anything you realize that the people around you, the few who truly know you and love you just as you are, they are the ones who help you accomplish all the big, scary, super awesome things in your life. They are the ones you want to celebrate your special day with.

Travel and adventure feeds your soul.

You value experiences and people over things, except for Apple products! You love apple products!  Thanks Steve Jobs!

You are calculated but daring, extroverted yet shy.  Tough yet sensitive.  You are complex and awesome and all the very best parts of this world.

I would love to meet to chat about what your best day ever might look like.

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