You don’t just want great photography,
You want to have a great time.
You don’t just want images that last a lifetime,
You want a lifetime expressed into images.


Does this make your little heart skip a beat? Then we’re already getting along and it actually gets even better from here.

A great way to know you’re in the right place:

  • You enjoy and endorse and create fun in your life.
  • You appreciate natural, bright, candid, photography.
  • You’re unapologetically sentimental about relationships and memories.
  • You’re looking for a photographer who really understands what brides want (and isn’t just giving lip service). 

So what’s next? Well after you scroll around and see that my photos are even better than my little mantras (see gallery here), we get to meet (get in touch here), and scheme up how we’re going to make your wedding photos even better than the ones on your Pinterest board. Yes, really.

For more nitty gritty on my collections and what it’s like to work with me (short answer: awesome), head over here.

It goes without saying that I’m glad you’re here but I’ll say it again: I’m very glad you’re here and I look forward to making some incredible memories capturing yours.